1. First Meeting – 17-19.07.2017 – Kraków

Program of the event – file


Travel reimbursement: (we need: delegation copy, address of all persons, bank account with SWIFT and/or IBAN, filled and stamped document located from below).

Transport costs reimbursement – file

Eligible transport costs are:

– private cars,

– collective communication (buses, trains, flights)

Please note that aeroplane travel costs schould be approved by project leader.

Conclusions after the FM event:

  • Summer School date will be changed to 1-15 October 2017 
  • Visegrad Festival in Nitra (SK) new date: 20-21, November 2017 
  • Visegrad Festival in Kraków (PL) date: 7-8, February 2018 (update)
  • Visegrad Festival in Rivne (UA) new date: 21-22, March 2018 
  • Visegrad Festival in České Budějovice (CZ) date: 25-26, April 2018 (update)

Galery of the first meeting:



 We have logo of the project:


3. Visegrad Festivals  


  • Visegrad Festival in Nitra (SK) new date 20-21, November 2017 – link

  • Visegrad Festival in Kraków (PL) date 7- 8, February 2018 (update)

  • Visegrad Festival in Rivne (UA) new date 21-22, March 2018 – link

  • Visegrad Festival in České Budějovice (CZ) date 25-26, April 2018 (update)

  • Visegrad Festival in Debrecen, Hungary 23-24, May 2018

    Festivals are directed mostly to young people (high school graduate, 1st year students).

    All lecturers and volunteers will have accommodation and meals provided.

    Travel costs for Lecturers and volunteers for 1 car will be granted.

    All information, promotional materials and prizes of photo competitions will be supported by AU in Kraków

    One local experts for CZ, SK and UA partners will be granted.

    There are some funds for paralell translation of 1 or 2 lectures (250 Euro).

    Program of the Visegrad Festivals:

    First day – accommodation

    Second day:

    – opening of the Visegrad Festival,

    – Visegrad Gruop introduction lecture,

    – expert lecture about Water Management in the country of the festival,

    – discussion,

    – Solving a photo contest with awarding prizes!

4. Web page maintenance 

AU in Kraków, all volunteers.


Ogranization of the project:

  • We propose some small fee for recompense the Visegrad Festivals organizaton labor
  • All materials for Visegrad Festivals promotion will be bringed by Project Coordinator