Project title:
Sustainable Water Management and Hydrological Security in V4 group and Ukraine

The Project is being financed by Visegrad Fund

1. First Meeting – 17-19 07 2017 – Kraków

Cources proposed for Summer School (content and order should be negotiated):

b) 20h, Czech Partner – 2 persons – Hydrology of small catchment, Hydrology of Visegrad Region – problems and possibilities ???

d) 20h, Ukrainian Partner – 2 persons – direction of water resourses in Ukraine, implementations of water framework directive in Ukraine, results of the National politic dialige “Rethinking of water strategy in Ukraine”

c) 20h, Slovak Partner – 2 persons – soil drought, climate change and impact on soil moisture, soil moisture modeling
* integrated water management in landscape, land consolidation and water management

a) 20h, Strużyński, Książek, Wałęga – 1D Modeling catasrtophic flows, (10h lectures, 10h – modeling – classes by A. Woś and M. Wyrębek)

2. Summer School – 27.08 – 09.09 2017 – Kraków – 25 students (not 30)

Opening School – Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Krzysztof Gawroński

Expert lectures: 2x 2h (160Euro per lecture)
Experts – Regional Board of Water Management in Kraków
Viovodeship Board – Dept. of flood protection
Expert form Hungary: 3x 2h Dr Anna Eniko Tamas
field measurements and analysis of the results in Surveying and Hydrometry (e.g. bathymetry on the river Danube; discharge measurements of every kind from smallest creek to river Danube;
sediment sampling and analysis; measurement of precipitation, infiltration, runoff etc.,
what to do with these data, organizing database, build GIS, execute hydrological statistics,
preparing of DTM, rainfall-runoff and 1D, 2D hydro-dynamic models …)

School – 80h as proposed above (rate – about 75Euro / hour)

Closing Event – all partner leaders and the dean od the Faculty of EELS, UA in Kraków
– choosing volunteers for Visegrad Festivals
– announcement of the competition Visegrad river

All lecturers and students will have accommodation and meals provided
Travel costs for Lecturers for 1 car will be granted
Travel costs for students will be covered

3. Visegrad Festivals

Festivals are directed mostly to young people (high school graduate, 1st year students)
All lecturers and volunteers will have accommodation and meals provided
Travel costs for Lecturers and volunteers for 1 car will be granted
4-5 10 2017 – Nitra (panel on the Enviro Conference, Račkova Dolina, Slovakia)
5-6 02 2018 – Kraków (panel on the Great Lesson of the Environmental Engineering, UA in Kraków)
5-6 03 2018 – Rivne ?
23-24 04 2018 – Praha ?

All information, promotional materials and prizes of photo competitions will be supported by AU in Kraków

There are some funds for paralell translation of 1 or 2 lectures (250 Euro)
There are no money for lectures. I will try to relocate some funds for that.

4. Web page maintenance – AU in Kraków, all volunteers

Ogranization of the project
– we try to recognize accommodation costs for Summer School
I propose to create list of 5 students from each country with another 2 on reserve list
Today (20170602) I will prepare and add test form for English exam

– I try to organize some small fee for recompense the Visegrad Festivals organizaton labor

– The overhead of the project will be in a big part consumed by the project audit costs

– All materials for Visegrad Festivals promotion will be bringed by Project Coordinator

– Costs of all partners are covered on the base of invoices (accommodation, catering)

– Travel refundation procedure ??? – under consideration

Additional documents:

Intention letter
Confirmation of cofinancing

Identification documents (IDs)—photocopies or scan printouts:, or